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Get YOUR LIFE ORGANIZED and Accomplish More in Your Day

With our SHE DID IT ALL planner you’ll:

  • Juggle Kids schedules, work tasks and deadlines, and still have time leftover for yourself.
  • ​Plan out your goals - in a way that makes them TOTALLY doable.
  • ​Get the 5 planning tactics that make the difference between doing and procrastinating.
  • ​​Support!!  This planner comes with a video course to help you maximize the moments.
Introducing the...
Do you have BIG dreams?  BIG goals??  

And feel like you barely have time to make dinner let alone, work toward those plans that you know will make a difference in your life??

Are you waiting for “someday” to get your goals accomplished

You know that “someday” never really comes, just like “tomorrow.” 

Why put your plans off for even another day when you can begin outlining your goals, and crushing each and every one of them - with out forgetting the soccer games, homework assignments and all the other deadlines life throws your way.

This planner is designed to create a set of 90 day goals, break them down into monthly goals and then into weekly targets and daily tasks. 
Monthly goals
The planner will help you break the 90 day goals down into monthly goals. Those goals are what needs to be accomplished in the first month, second month and third month to assure success.
Weekly Tasks
Now that we have 90 day and monthly goals, we can generate weekly tasks to get us to those goals. I like to call the weekly and daily items TASKS because at this level, these should be doable steps instead of “pie in the sky” goals.
Daily Tasks
Finally, the weekly tasks can be broken down into BABY STEP size daily tasks.And just because it says DAILY doesn’t mean that you have to do something every day.

Made by a working mom... FOR a working mom.

If she can get her sh*t together, so can you.

The She Did It All Planner came about when I was nearly in tears... 

I had missed an important work deadline AND an important school event for my kiddo. 

It felt like I was working all the time and yet my goals were being left in the dust.  I knew I needed a change.

I created this planner for my sanity and in the process saw my business explode and while still getting the kids to all the things.  Using the planner I had time leftover in my day - I never thought that would be possible.

And I want that for you.


Mental Time Hacking Video Class

Learn the 5 Things You Need to Start Doing to Find more time in your life - even if you feel like your days are completely booked solid.

You will literally get an hour back every single day.

1-Week Pocket Calendar

Track your goals all week and stay on track with this 1 Page Tracker.  

Your whole week will fit onto a single sheet - meaning you have sanity in your life, all the time, every where.

Chore Sheet

Cause we know your brain is for more important things than remembering the laundry or the groceries. 

Let this checklist do that for you so you can get back to goal crushing.

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Use our planner for a month straight and if you aren't getting back an hour a day to enjoy your life, let us know and we will refund your entire purchase.

We want you to crush your goals!!  And we know this works.

Email us if you have questions:  theonecrazyhouse@gmail.com

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